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What Are Bankruptcy Exemptions?

The Kansas homestead exemption protects the equity in your home or principal residence. You can protect the entire value of the real property or mobile home that you occupy, if it is one acre or less within the city limits or 160 acres or less of farm land. K.S.A. 60-2301, Kansas Constitution Article 15 § 9

Life insurance proceeds, if you file bankruptcy more than a year after the policy went into effect. K.S.A. 40-414 and 60-2313(a)(7).  Fraternal society benefits are also exempt BY K.S.A.  60-2313(a)(8)

You can protect up to $20,000 of equity in a motor vehicle that you regularly use to get to and from work. If the vehicle is equipped to assist with a disability, you can protect the full, unlimited value of the vehicle. K.S.A. 60-2304(c)

Furnishings, clothing, earned income tax credits, and supplies, including food and fuel in your possession and reasonably necessary at your residence for up to one year is exempt, along with your jewelry with a value of $1,000 or less per person.  A burial plot or crypt is also exempt.   K. S.A. 60-2304

Pension, Retirement, and Life Insurance Benefits: ERISA-qualified benefits, IRAs and Roth IRAs and federal government pension needed for support & paid within 3 months prior to filing bankruptcy are exempt. K.S.A. § 60-2308  Payments under a stock bonus, pension, profit-sharing, annuity, or similar plan or contract on account of illness, disability, death, age, or length of service, to the extent reasonably necessary for support are exempt. K.S.A. 60-2312

Earned income tax credits are exempt. K.S.A. 60-2315

75% of disposable earnings or 30 times the federal minimum wage, whichever is greater, is exempt. K.S.A. 60-2310

The ooks, furniture, tools, and supplies used in your trade or profession or business are exempt up to $7,500 in value. K.S.A. 60-2304

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