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Social Security Disability
We assist people with all types of insurance disability claims.It’s scary to think that you need to apply  for 
Social Security Disability benefits. None of us knows when that fate may befall us. But, it’s good to know these benefits are there, if needed. It’s not charity. It’s not welfare -- you’ve paid for it yourself for years, if you have worked enough and your employer has withhold payroll taxes from your wages. If you have not worked enough, you or your child may be eligible for SSI or Supplemental Security Income benefits.
Supreme Court of the United StatesWhy does Social Security Disability take so long? First, you have to apply.  You can do this on line by going to If you are under 55 and not paralyzed from the neck down, you’re chances of getting benefits with your initial application are low – you’ll probably be turned down.
The next step is to appeal. Currently, you have only 60 days to file a written appeal from the denial of your claim. The appeal is called a "request for reconsideration." You’re chances of obtaining benefits at this second level are also poor. But, you have the right to appeal within 60 days of denial at this level, also.  It’s the third stage where you should contact an attorney. It’s at this level that an attorney can be of most benefit to you. Your prospects of obtaining Social Security Disability is increased substantially at this level, if an attorney experienced in representing Social Security Disability claimants is at your side.
"But, I can’t afford an attorney!  I can’t even pay the rent. How can I afford an attorney?!"
Social Security disability benefits can make the difference!
We carefully evaluate all Social Security Disability claims and take those we accept on a contingency fee basis – this means you pay no attorney’s fees, unless we obtain benefits for you.
Call today, if you would like us to do a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation of your or your child’s Social Security Disability or SSI claim.
Call us today for a confidential appointment and help with your Social Security Disability or SSI claim at 785.272.4108.  "Paying Mr. Taff is the best money I ever spent!'
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